7th Hannabach Prize for Guitarists


12th and 13th November 2021


Leopold Mozart Centre of the University of Augsburg


Application deadline: 30th October 2021




First round: Friday 12th  November 2021

Second round: Saturday 13th  November 2021


Leopold-Mozart-Centre of the University of Augsburg
Grottenau 1
D-86150 Augsburg



First round (12th November 2021)
15 minutes: one compulsory piece plus freely chosen repertoire.


The compulsory piece is
"Lotos" by Dimitri Lavrentiev 

The time limit for the first round is 15 minutes, which includes both the compulsory piece as well as the repertoire chosen by the participant.


2nd Round (9th November 2019)
Finale: 30 minutes of freely chosen repertoire.



1st prize: 1000€ plus GEWA Carboncase; 2nd prize: 600€; 3rd prize: 400€. Each prize winner also receives a package of Hannabach string sets.


Legal Information

With his or her application, each participant transfers all of his or her image and audio rights in the context of the competition to its organisers. All jury choices are final and non-disputable. If the maximum performance duration for each round (15 minutes for the first round, 30 minutes for the second round) is exceeded, the jury is allowed to stop the performance at any time. The duration of each performance starts with its first note, and ends with the cessation of the last note of said performance.
Every participant is allowed to play his or her programme (including the compulsory piece) either by heart or from musical score, according to personal preference.
Every participant’s programme needs to be distinct for both rounds, and no two identical pieces in any given programme are allowed. I.e. any given piece cannot be performed again in the same round or in the consecutive round by the same participant.



You can sign up for the competition until 30th October 2021 (application deadline) by sending an E-mail to klaus.wladar@web.de with the following information:
– Programmes for both rounds of the competition, with precise data for each work and its composer
– Full name and postal address
– Scan of personal ID card or passport containing the visible date of birth
– Phone number in case of further inquiry
– E-mail address

About the sponsor:
Hannabach is a manufacturer of high-quality classical guitar strings based in the Lower Bavarian town of Egglkofen. The family-owned company is already a regular supporter of the well-established International Guitar Festival Augsburg, which is a fixture of cultural life in Augsburg and attracts many visitors from the whole of Germany. For several years now, Hannabach has been part of the GEWA group.

Artistic and organisational management:

Klaus Wladar



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